Busy and demanding kitchens often need an extra bit of help to make tasks slightly less overwhelming. The Swiss company Kuhn Rikon knows this only too well, and has focused its outlook on that particular area of the home. Here we take a look at how it has become one of the most trusted design brands for all sorts of culinary tools and accessories.

Above – the Kuhn Rikon Colori Ceramic Induction Frying Pan

Kuhn Rikon has been producing helpful design aides for cooks in the kitchen since 1926. The company started out in that year, when Heinrich Kuhn bought a copper pan and steel factory in his native Switzerland. The ‘Rikon’ of the company name refers to Rykon, a small village where Switzerland’s first spinning mill was developed. Kuhn took over the factory and transformed its whole approach; in 1927 he began production of aluminum cookware, strong pots and pansĀ  that could be used on the newly invented electric oven hobs.

Above – the Kuhn Rikon Flexi Slice and Serve Knife

After Heinrich Kuhn passed away in 1932, the management of the company transferred over to his son, Henri. He was in charge of the growth and development of the company as it continued to bring out new designs to help out with cooking in the home. With the help of his cousin Jacques, who joined the company as joint manager in 1947, Henri was able to bring about new designs and secure more of the Swiss cookware market.

Above – the Colori Mini Chef’s Knife

A big step forward happened in 1949 with the launch of the Duromatic pressure cooker. The name has become synonymous with pressure cookers and was the company’s first item exported out of Switzerland.

Since then, Kuhn Rikard has brought out new lines of products always aimed to make working in the kitchen easier. From cookers to knives, pots and pans, the company has a reputation for practicality and high attention to detail. All of the cookware has been processed according to strict production principles and is guaranteed to have lasting durability and an easy to use style and design.

Everything that falls under the brand name has been built to make life easier in the kitchen. Any busy cook looking to spend more time thinking about meal ideas and flavours, rather than worrying about their kitchen equipment, could have a look at what Kuhn Rikon has to offer today.

September 27th, 2018

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