Introducing bright colours to a room by means of paint, wallpaper, furniture, soft furnishing or accessories is the perfect way to breathe new life into an interior. No matter how dull or boring a room looks, adding some vibrant colour can do wonders and is a great way to inject a touch of fun.

Designers Guild and Missoni use bright bold patterns.

Normally bold colours such as buttercup yellow and sorbet pink are associated with children’s’ rooms, and many people hesitate to apply such colours to other parts of the home. However with bright, block colours dominating the catwalk this year, it was only a matter of time before this fashion trend filtered through to home interiors. Vivid green, purple, aqua, pink and tangerine are all recommended. The choice of colours in every conceivable hue is endless.

Throw away the idea of safe, mutual tones and go for something a little more inspiring. You don’t have to decorate the whole room in bold hues. Just one splash of colour is all you need. Try some fabulous Dominic Crinson wallpaper or vibrant Designers Guild paint and make a statement with a feature wall. Painting horizontal stripes or blocks of colour can give a striking new look to a room. Alternatively go for bold one-off pieces of furniture such as a brightly coloured sofa, armchair or table, and create an amazing focal point.

1. Leitmotiv – Pendant Lamp Chandelier, Gypsy Style 2. Artifort –

Le Chat Chair by Pierre Paulin 3. Karlsson – Mixed Spider Multi Colour Wall Clock 4. Missoni – Janisey Cushions

Go for brightly coloured scatter cushions and floor cushions and look out for fun looking rugs. Window dressings have huge appeal and can be as bright and bold as you want. Smaller items to consider include vases, clocks, lampshades, towels and other ornaments. Simply adding a few items to an existing room scheme has the power to spice up a room and add interest and zing to an interior.

May 17th, 2010

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