We all love to walk into a fresh smelling home and it is our sense of smell that often dictates how we feel about a place. Certain smells make us feel relaxed or energized, while others make us feel hungry or even disgusted. Our sense of smell affects our mood and state mind and there are a number of ways to make our homes smell fresh and clean while eradicating unpleasant odours.

Besides commercial fresheners, plug-ins, and sprays there are a number of options. The obvious way to get rid of any nasty niffs is to throw open all the doors and windows, if it’s not too cold, and let mother nature do its work.

Other alternatives to making our homes smell great include scented candles, oil burners, incense sticks, room sprays and reed diffusers. It’s all about choosing the right fragrance that will inspire our mood.

Dotmaison has a number of products available for creating a beautifully fragrant home.

Scented fabrics sachets such as these by Millefiori Milano are ideal for scenting clothes and linen and can be placed in drawers, hung in wardrobes or linen cupboards. They could even be hung in the car. A lavender option could be placed under the pillow to aid sleep.

Scented candles often come with a jar such as these again by Millefiori Milano available in 17 fragrances including mandarin spice, rose bouquet and fresh lavender, or the Ania Candle Pot by LSA.

Fragrant reed diffusers are also very popular. They work by balsa wood sticks, immersed in scented oils gently circulating a delicate and lasting aroma around the room. Ashleigh and Burwood, Present Time, Millefiori Milano and Blomus have some great examples.

This stylish oil burner by Blomus is great for burning aromatherapy oils and looks gorgeously modern too.

Other options include scented drawer liners, room sprays, linen sprays and perfumed stones such as the Zona scented stones by Millefiori Milano.

July 27th, 2011

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