How’s this for something to show off to your guests? This curious looking construction is either, a) the poshest shed in the world or, b) an incredibly trendy park ranger’s office. Well, actually it’s neither – it turns out to be Poteet Architects‘ very modern take on the guesthouse.  Located in San Antonio, Texas USA, this smartly designed creation was amazingly once a shipping container before the award winning architectural firm got their clever hands onto it.

The fully operational guesthouse comes with all the modern conveniences that one would expect. Shower, sink, WC and floor to ceiling windows are included. However, the house is based around environmentally conscious and sustainable strategies – the toilet composts, the sink and shower water irrigate the plants in the roof garden – even the decking is made from recycled drink bottles!

For more information about Poteet Architects please visit their site.

Here at Dotmaison we certainly wouldn’t mind having something as impressive as the guesthouse in our gardens but it might not be possible just at the moment! However, we do have a fantastic range of garden accessories and barbecues to brighten up your outdoor spaces. Check it out!

June 28th, 2011

Posted In: Architecture, Interior Design

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