Drawing its inspiration from the way that birds and other creatures make their nests in the wild , Nest Rest is a mobile lounge perfect for exploring the wild. Created by Paris based designers Daniel Puzet and Fred Frety for the manufacturing company DEDON, the striking structure is made from recyclable, non-toxic and waterproof materials.

The Nest Rest can be hung or rested on a solid base, making it the ideal sleeping and relaxing area for any environment. Solid and strong, it is also incredibly light, weighing less than 100kg. Made from a recyclable aluminium frame and woven with a special fibre called DEDON fibre, the structure is at the edge of environmentally aware design.

Developed by DEDON founder – and former Belgian football goalkeeper Bobby Dekeyser – the fibre is probably the world’s first and best synthetic resin fibre material.

To find out more about the company and its work please visit DEDON.

April 25th, 2012

Posted In: Architecture, Eco Design

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