Postulating on the future of the Earth and the possibility of the eventual dissolution of towns and cities has long been an inclination of science fiction writers and creators. The suspicion that the Earth may one day carry on without us is a sneaking suspicion that Swedish artist Johanna Mårtensson explored to great effect back in 2009 with her model city made entirely out of bread.

Observing the degeneration of the bread model buildings, the artist was inspired by an article that claimed that the planet could regenerate despite humankind’s worst excesses.

For a period of six months, Mårtensson photographed the model city, capturing the decaying process as the bread gradually perished. A strikingly original series, it certainly points the observer towards a greater meditation on ecology, industry and the future…

Mårtensson won first place in A Design’s Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design category for their 2012-2013 competition.

August 23rd, 2013

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