There are many vegetarians who will sing the praises of tofu all day long. The soft soy-bean curd has inspired plenty of creative recipes and cooking ideas but, it would be fair to say, not many designs for furniture. However, that is exactly what designer Leonardo Talarico has come up with the tofu chair.

Made entirely from chunks of the absorbent and versatile staple, the chair is a great example of originality and  ecological design work.

The designer first dehydrated each piece and then was able to turn each piece of tofu into a block for the chair’s structure. A thermal electrical process was used to strengthen the tofu,turning the veggie favourite into a viable working material.

For more from Leonardo Talarico check out his site.

And if you need a sit down after all that Tofu, Dotmaison have some gorgeous chair designs available from such designers as Flux, Dutch Design Chair and Zanotti.

May 20th, 2013

Posted In: Eco Design

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