Having a space in the home to get important administrative tasks done is invaluable for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’re working from home, or making plans for future opportunities, a desk and work area is essential. But how to make the most out of this space?

Here are 5 ways that designer products can help you work better at home.

The Actions Notebook by Design Letters is perfect for noting down important points while you’re working. The hard covered book includes sections for topic, date, topic, and who it’s related to. Brilliant for keeping on top of all work activity, the notebook is an integral accessory to have readily available.

Papers need never get lost or misplaced with the Vipp267 Magnetic Clip, Set of 2. Made from powder coated aluminum, the strong clips utilise a grip system for a secure hold. The clips can be held to a surface using the magnetic system or the wall hooks.

No matter how state of the art our tech equipment and gadgets are, sometimes a pen is the only thing suitable. Adding a futuristic touch to this necessary bit of kit is the Ballpoint Pen with Touch Screen Stylus and Case from Ted Baker.

The pen produces black ink from one end and features a stylus suitable for writing on smartphones and tablets on the other. Ideal for making notes at anytime, on any kind of material. Available in silver and gold colours, this is a smart and stylish choice for anyone looking to stay organised in the home office.

The Accessory Tray by Ted Baker is a beautifully designed piece capable of keeping all of your bits of stationary and small pieces together on the desk. Beautifully detailed leather and a complementary gift box help to heighten the overall effect, providing a smart and desirable home office feature.

Having a message board in full view is a great way to set reminders about urgent matters to attend to. By using the Message Board A2 by Design Letters, you’ll certainly be able to see everything that needs looking into. Available in black or grey, the A2 size board uses a high-tech design brilliant for securing reminders, lists and notes.

February 16th, 2019

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