Whether it’s for a spring clean, or just a general change of look, there are plenty of methods to bring a new style and energy to any room in the house. Taking a clear view of the whole process of tidying and renewing a room, here are 5 simple ways to update a home interior.


A crucial stage of giving a place a complete overhaul is the removal of unnecessary items that are taking up space. Making the effort to say goodbye to items you no longer need or want- books, clothes, toys, whatever it might be- may take a bit of time, but when you see the fresh clean spaces that they were taking up, it’s definitely worth it.

Think about lighting

Bringing in a new form of lighting is a practical way to transform a room’s look and atmosphere. A lighting fixture such as the Acorn Pendant Light by Umage can alter an interior’s look and feel. The polished brass fitting is ideal for providing a simple beauty, with a practical and elegant offering of LED powered illumination.


Adding different textures around the room helps to bring in a new dimension. Bringing in warm rugs and mats alongside other natural wood features help to provide a cozy feel and sense of homeliness. When there is a dazzling pattern on show, as with the above 100% cotton Parma Bath Mat by Missoni Home, it only adds to the feeling of luxury in the bathroom.

Plants and flowers

Any sort of plant life, either real and organic, or fake with the appearance of real plants, will freshen up the look and feel of an interior space. Make sure to house them in the best possible way with designer planters and pots.

The above Aqua Culture Vase, Grey by Kinto offers a lovely way to either grow new plants from bulbs, or display already grown flowers in style. The design brilliantly supports hydroponic botany, while also providing a great new look for a room on table, shelf, or case.

Colour coordination

Colour should always be at the forefront of any kind of redecorating and restyling plans for an interior. Creating bold themes of striking shades of colours set against pale or white backgrounds can produce a transfixing effect.

A new cushion cover showing off resplendent colour scheme is a lovely method of providing a new look. The above Cloud Cushion Cover by Pad Concept brings a unique design to any room in the home. The high-quality mix of materials added to a lovely blending of shapes and subtle patterns focuses a fresh look for the homespace.

March 16th, 2019

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