Ah, the spring. A lovely time to celebrate new growth, new energy, and new opportunities. Many people use this time of year to update the home in all sorts of different ways. From a traditional spring clean, to a brand new renovation in one or more rooms, the season is all about a sense of discovery and adventure. Here in the northern hemisphere, it’s definitely spring-time, so we thought it’d be a great idea to have a look at ways to update your home decor with an exciting and stylish new look.


A sure-fire way to make a professional looking change to any interior in the home is through the application of wallpaper. Wallpaper can make a dramatic change to a room, and with careful use, will bring a creative, and appealing look to a room.

The Flow Wallpaper from by Lassen brings this sense of refined, and relaxed pattern making out in style. Available in tones of grey, beige, and blue, the wallpaper is perfect for creating a smart, new look to any part of the home.  Easy to put up and look after, the wallpaper provides a Nordic, Scandinavian style that creates a beautifully decorative look.


Throws are, by their very nature, versatile items that can hang comfortable off a chair, a bed, or any number of places in the home. A throw is capable of bringing a free spirited vigour to anywhere it is used, and brings a comforting and style that is always welcome for both residents and guests.

The resplendent Cadence Throw above from Kylie at Home represents a lovely way to bring these ideas of elegance and energy into the home. Ideal for the bedroom, the throw is capable of creating a beautiful impression, with its sequins guaranteed to brighten up a space.


What better way to produce an appealing new look of liveliness and vitality than adding a new set of curtains to a room? Curtains often provide something of a showcase for a designers’ style and taste, and the same could be said for home makers as well. Curtains are, after all, surrounding the gateways between inside and outside, and as such, have a deeper affinity with the workings of nature in the everyday surrounds. As a way to bring those ideas into the home, they are essential.

The above Botanical Curtains by Bluebellgray are just the thing to instill some inspiring new energy into the home. The colourful designer chic curtains are designed partly with the fantastic flowers and plants of Le Jardin Secret in Marrakech in mind. Every pair of curtains is 100% cotton woven and fully lined, and will bring a real feeling of colour and vibrancy into the home.


March 26th, 2018

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