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Monthly Archives: December 2019

Busy kitchens mean busy ovens. But in order to provide delicious food for guests and residents to feast over, it makes sense to always take extra-special care with hot plates and dishes. That’s where the reliable kitchen essential the oven glove comes in. This extra ‘handy’ piece of culinary equipment is the go-to when something… Read More

Offering simplicity and elegance however and wherever they are used, clear glass vases provide a delicacy and pretty sophistication throughout the home. Clear glass vases provide the ideal way to showcase an arrangement of flowers and plants. With pure clarity allowing a focus on the contents of the vase, rather than the vase itself, the… Read More

Kate Spade are experts at finding the most striking ways of keeping organised and on point. The New York based style company is well known for its approach to adding colour and striking lettering to lifestyle essentials. Originally formed back in 1993, Kate Spade New York has since expanded to become a global purveyor of… Read More