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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Whatever time of year it is, being able to confidently use the kitchen for coming up with delicious home recipes and dining ideas is of prime importance. Here at Dotmaison we know that everyone has their likes and their dislikes, as well as alternating experience and culinary skill-sets, but there are a few things that… Read More

LSA International have a proud history of creating the finest glassware products for the home. The design house explores a strongly defined look of contemporary style combined with roots in Polish artisan production. Here at Dotmaison, we’re excited to see the latest offereings from the world-famous company. Offering the best in glassware, the new collection… Read More

The senses come into play in all directions when making the most of home comfort. All sorts of design work can have a bearing in the ultimate look and feel of a place. But one sense that should never be overlooked is the scent and aroma of a living space. Having a welcoming fragrance greet… Read More