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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Bold, chic and unforgettable; even if you don’t follow fashion, you will have heard of Karl Lagerfeld. With great sadness, it was announced on February 19th 2019 that one of the biggest names in fashion had passed away at the age of 85. This comes as ‘bittersweet’ timing, as we’ve just received the latest new arrivals… Read More

A room really becomes homely and comfortable when you start thinking about the finer details. By placing flowers and plants in attractively designed vases, you can bring out a fascinating centrepiece to the interior. Gorgeous vases look brilliantly inviting on a table top or standing free against a room wall. Either with flowers or without,… Read More

Having a space in the home to get important administrative tasks done is invaluable for all sorts of reasons. Whether you’re working from home, or making plans for future opportunities, a desk and work area is essential. But how to make the most out of this space? Here are 5 ways that designer products can… Read More