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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Designer wall clocks are a great way to add a certain amount of reassuring style to a home office. Even though we’ve all got various ways of knowing what time it is, with phones, laptops and tablets and so on, there’s something comforting about being able to look up from the work-desk and seeing a… Read More

Getting the right balance of lighting in the home is key to the whole process of interior design. Having a good combination of soft mood lighting where appropriate and more focused task lighting for specific rooms and activities all requires careful consideration. It’s also a good idea to take notice of the latest LED technology…. Read More

Gentlemen’s Hardware is always on hand for stylish and reliable accessories and multi-tools for modern life. The brand is perfectly adept at creating a wide range of eclectic tools for a variety of uses. Ideal as gifts, the high-quality tools bring out an old-world charm combined with a sophisticated artistry and function. Here at Dotmaison… Read More