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Yearly Archives: 2019

Mirrors are an essential item in the home. The option of using a designer looking glass in bathrooms, halls, bedrooms and living space offers an extra dimension of space in all sorts of interiors. Having the space to be able to groom and style as desired is also a major strength of having easily accessible… Read More

Christmas is a special time for many people, but probably even more so for children. Creating a memorable time where family and friends join together to enjoy festive activities, great meal times and fun and games is key to this annual endeavour. Gift-giving is another important part of Xmas in many households. Kids look forward… Read More

The Christmas tree is usually at the centre of home celebrations at Yuletide. Often taking pride of place in the living room, a proud evergreen conifer or an artificial tree imbued with a similar shape acts as a focus for celebrations. As a place to gather and enjoy the seasonal atmosphere and to hand out… Read More