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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Creative design in home-ware products is able to bridge the gap between the outside and the inside. Bringing in elements of the natural world in the design, print and finish of various items is a tried and tested formula; the site of floral patterns and natural themes helps to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere…. Read More

To really make a striking impression at Christmas-time there are so many things to remember. The food, the drink, the company – they’re all fundamentally important to the holiday period, and certainly require some careful planning to get everything covered in the right way. Decorations are another vital aspect of the festive period. Many of… Read More

Enjoying coffee at home can be both stylish and convenient. Indeed, the two propositions are not mutually exclusive; relaxing with a well prepared coffee can be quickly and securely arranged without being lacking in any of the key elements of a good cup of coffee. The best designs for coffee at home are more than… Read More