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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Equipping the home with items to inspire and provoke thoughts and dreams is part of interior design done right. The image of bird flight is a powerful idea. Artists and thinkers have made use of the idea for as long as can be remembered. And for good reason, for when captured properly, it conjures up… Read More

Busy and demanding kitchens often need an extra bit of help to make tasks slightly less overwhelming. The Swiss company Kuhn Rikon knows this only too well, and has focused its outlook on that particular area of the home. Here we take a look at how it has become one of the most trusted design… Read More

It’s fair to say that in the kitchen is a hive of activity in most homes. It’s the place where we cook up new ideas in all senses, with plans being made across meal times and breakfasts, tea breaks and snacks. It’s a room that sees both experimentation and the practicing of old favourites, where… Read More