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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Here at Dotmaison we know people have very different requirements for morning times. Some people love to get up early in the morning and some people, well… don’t. But whichever happens to be the case in your household, some things are helpful everywhere. Things that make getting up just that little bit easier, and products… Read More

Tea time can be a celebration of all sorts of things. A chance to chill out and have a chat with friends and colleagues, a simple time out or a re-energizing hot drink away from the work space. Whichever it is, it’s always a comfort to have stylishly designed home items to enjoy the tea… Read More

The key to rejuvenating a living room often lies in exactly how the place is furnished. By adding certain select designer items across the lounge area, it is possible to create a new look and feel without doing too much work. The skill comes in when choosing products that can bring an elegance and homely… Read More