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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Umbra Shift is a new development for its parent company Umbra. Focusing on innovation and originality in re-thinking new ways to style everyday items, the group have a roster of new and emerging designers keen to bring about dynamic change to household products. With  a concentration on contemporary design trends, the group is superbly placed… Read More

More than anywhere else in the home, the bathroom is a place that tends to get used a lot for short periods of time throughout the day. Unless it’s time for a long and relaxing bath, the room is a space for quick visits. For that reason, sometimes it can get a little overlooked. Worn… Read More

Ah, the spring. A lovely time to celebrate new growth, new energy, and new opportunities. Many people use this time of year to update the home in all sorts of different ways. From a traditional spring clean, to a brand new renovation in one or more rooms, the season is all about a sense of… Read More