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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Growing¬† plants, flowers and herbs indoors is, for a variety of reasons,¬† time well spent. Gardening of any sort, whether outdoors if you happen to have a garden or backyard or indoors if you don’t, offers a relaxing way to take out of day to day life and try something different. The plants themselves offer… Read More

Practically produced and smartly designed serving trays are an important asset to make use of in the home. Ideal for carrying meals, snacks and drinks from the kitchen to living areas, trays provide valuable use across the board. Designers often use trays as a form of calling card, drawing to mind the influences and style… Read More

It could well be said that the coffee table is the hardest working article of furniture in the whole home. It is often located in an interior that people use regularly, such as the living room or the hall. As such, it is important if it has some attention spent on it. Looking out for… Read More