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Monthly Archives: July 2017


Of all the basic necessities needed around the home in order to get things done, light and illumination is one of the most fundamental. The ability to simply flick a switch and have instant light is something we all take for granted. As these stunning designs from Tala show however, just because something is so… Read More

Kuhn Rikon Bisto Oil and Vinegar Set

The Swiss company Kuhn Rikon have been producing high quality cookware for nearly a hundred years, and this experience and knowledge of the fundamental needs of kitchens have helped propel them into being one of the most innovative and consistently interesting design houses around. A¬†desire to create the best items taking in¬†quality, safety features and… Read More

orla kiely dog blue mug

If you happen to be a pet lover, it’s often our furry friends that really make a place feel like home. Even if you don’t own a pet or you live in a place that doesn’t have the room to accommodate them, you can still enjoy a bit of their energy and vitality around the… Read More