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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Even in this world of smart phones and constantly updated designs of portable devices and tablets, there is undoubtedly a special place for the traditional printed page. Books and magazines give texture to lives and homes and their presence often reminds us to take part in a more sedate and contemplative time around the home…. Read More

  Our sense of smell is often undervalued. Most people would probably list it as the sense they would be most likely to not miss, yet it has all kinds of importance in various aspects of life. Memory and emotion both have a close relationship with smells and scents that neuroscientists and psychologists are only… Read More

Here at Dotmaison we’re more than fond of a good cup of coffee. The daily essential can make all the difference during a busy working day. For that reason, it’s a great idea to be as prepared as possible when it comes to the enjoyment of said vital hot drink. Thankfully, there is a new line… Read More