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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Christmas is a time for sharing. Sharing in food, drink and the company of friends and family are all part of the overall holiday experience. Added to this – and some may say an essential aspect – is the giving and receiving of presents. This Christmas tradition marks the time of year in a show… Read More

If a white Christmas is not quite your thing, why not try to evoke a sunnier vibe over the holiday period? While most of us aren’t lucky enough to actually be in the Med at holiday time, we can still have every opportunity to conjure up the area’s distinctive palette, charm and feel good textures…. Read More

The Christmas Tree is an essential for many households come holiday time. Able to take on a wide degree of tastes, the tree – whether real or artificial – can really bring out the personal style of a home. Here at Dotmaison we have a great appreciation for the various types of decorations that can… Read More