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Monthly Archives: October 2016

The time is nearly upon us… the time for filling the diary with all sorts of social engagements and seasonal functions – that’s right, Christmas and New Year are just over a month away from taking over all other commitments!  With that unforgettable information in mind, it is a great idea to get the ball… Read More

The homely style of a classic Alpine chalet is usually centered on a few essential things. First off, the place has to be warm and insulated, preferably with a log fire burning in the background. The chalet should be secure and comfortable with soft and warm cushions and blankets allowing for a relaxing space to pass… Read More

Not so long ago, the idea of using wall paper to re-texture a living space would have been seen as being old fashioned and out of step. Recently, however, wallpaper has made a strident come-back in the fashion and style ideas of innovative interior designers and modern residents with a taste for playful creativity. The… Read More