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Monthly Archives: August 2016

As the summer¬†holidays approach their inevitable conclusion, many households’s attention naturally turns towards the return of school life. Finding the most practical items of school equipment is central to this of course, but why not soften the blow of going back to school by mixing in a bit of glamour as well? Whether you’re in… Read More

A fine sense of pampering and relaxation is key to creating a comfortable bathroom. The room is such an important area, it demands a keen sense of style and taste. Ideally, the senses should be engaged in a warm welcome each time the shower or bath is employed. For this reason, some of the world’s… Read More

The ancient holiday of Ferragosto is a period of celebration across the whole of Italy. Falling on the 15 August every year whatever day that happens to be, the public holiday is a time for workers to down tools, families to relax and most importantly of all, for everyone to live life to the full…. Read More