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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Every artist relies on the humble pencil to create, design and draw. However, not all of them contemplate incorporating the tool itself into their personal  artwork. But that is exactly what the Brazilian artist and designer Dalton Ghetti has taken on. The results, as can be seen here, are truly remarkable… Ghetti explores many different… Read More

Bringing a vibrant sense of lively activity to their new holiday home designs, Studio Koossino‘s artful buildings certainly stand out from the crowd. The South Korean designs are located at a botanic garden park just outside of the capital Seoul and make great use of bright yellow colours and an asymmetric structure.  Working beautifully as a… Read More

The majesty of the Alpine region of Switzerland can be the perfect environment for a homely bed and breakfast. One such fantastic retreat amidst the mountains and dramatic scenery is the Brücke 49. Located in the peaceful little village of Vals, the getaway is dedicated to an understated natural charm. Originally built in 1902, the Brücke… Read More