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Monthly Archives: January 2014

For some, the idea of a home bar in the attic can represent something of a dream. When that dream becomes a reality, as in the case of this fantastic example from¬†Inblum Architects, it can be positively extraordinary! Located in a reconstructed building that was heavily damaged in World War 2, the bar in Minsk,… Read More

Films can inspire people to do all sorts of things. To travel, to learn, to create (or to simply watch more films) – the power of cinema can be an awesome influence. In the case of Marc Sadler, the 1982 cult sci-fi movie Tron inspired the designer to create this lovingly prepared table. Called TableTron,… Read More

Whatever you may feel about the cold weather of winter, there’s no doubt that snow covered slopes can provide a beautiful template to work creatively in. The artist Simon Beck certainly seems to think so.¬†Every year he travels to the French Alps to create a series of fantastic patterns of spirals, swirls and geometric shapes…. Read More