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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Without getting overly philosophical about it, our entire lives are made up of things. The necessary ordering and display of such things is central to all living environments, especially the home.  How you go about categorising such objects is the fundamental question at the heart of the Museum der Dinge in Berlin. Located on the top… Read More

Usually it would be the height of rudeness to call someone’s collection of furniture a load of rubbish, but in the case of Dutch designer Ruben Thier‘s original Organic Factory furniture it happens to be true! Created from reclaimed materials from factory floors and refuse sites, the collection brings together a fresh approach to designing chairs and… Read More

Photography by Nobutada Omote The use of foam bubbles in art works  can illustrate a complex, almost alien landscape of different contours and textures. Displayed in the right ambience, they can be a world away from the more sedate surroundings of a bubble bath! Photography is by Nobutada Omote The artist  Kohei Nawa used a… Read More