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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The designer, architect and artist Zaha Hadid has often been the cause of a certain degree of wonder. Her designs for buildings and various items and projects take a fascinating and original approach to creating a kind of fluidity in her work and concepts. With the Liquid Glacial Table, she has reinforced that approach. The… Read More

Capturing and containing light sources in an attractive method has been an ongoing concern for artists and designers for as long as time itself. A modern design in New York takes a fresh approach to the subject, utilising ideas based on local landscape and architecture to sculpt the lights in an attractive and alluring fashion…. Read More

Taking a unique and startling approach to design work, these amazing wicker lamps show off the potential of pushing an original concept to its limits. The Chilean artisans of  Made in Mimbre hand-crafted the unusual lighting products to a series of designs by Swedish company Claesson Koivisto Rune. The three lamps, known as Medusa, Chinita and Bellota, cast… Read More