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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Scrabble Mug As any visitor to the United Kingdom can tell you, tea drinking is something of an obsession in some parts of the world. This most relaxing of activities knows no boundaries however, and fans of tea leaves and tea bags are now able to enjoy the hot stuff in true style. Renowned designers… Read More

The best office designs incorporate comfort, practicality and features that are created to capture the attention. It also helps if they can inspire and keep employees minds on the job at hand. In the case of San Francisco based software developer Giant Pixel, the job at hand involves creative design work, original ideas and, of… Read More

German conceptual artist Ole Ukena enjoys playing with audience perceptions of what things really are and what they should be. In this stunning work, entitled ‘Protected Paradise’, ideas of the limitations of natural beauty are explored and analysed. With a wry smile, Ukena reveals his rainbows to be constructed from lacquered barbed wire. Ukena’s habit… Read More