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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Picture the scene – you’ve had a great night out with friends over a sumptuous meal at a lovely restaurant. Everything about the evening has been perfect. But shockingly, when you make it to your front door you discover that you’ve managed to lose your keys. And what’s more, no one is around to let… Read More

On the tiny German North Sea Friesan island of Föhr, an interior design project has recently been completed that clearly shows what can be achieved with just the right amount of skill and ingenuity. The new apartment – beautifully shown off in these images –  was once a hay loft for a farmhouse. It is… Read More

Copenhagen has for many years enjoyed a reputation as a beautiful, well organised and clean city. But city officials believe there is always room for improvement, which was the reasoning behind a new exhibition dreamed up by the city and one of its prime design houses, Vipp. The giant green pedal bin stands at 8.2 feet… Read More