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Monthly Archives: August 2013

The classic Parisian brasserie has long been a favourite place to escape for the dedicated food lover. Bringing all of the sights, smells and, most importantly, the extravagant tastes to UK based gastronomes, the Brasserie Zedel has crossed the channel to London with a wonderful menu of culinary delights. The Zedel is designed in the… Read More

There is nothing quite like a finely tailored suit to express a certain finesses and elegance to a person. When transposed onto seat or a sofa, a suite of seats can easily retain this particular class and fashionable authority. Designer Jorge Pensi certainly thought so, and his exploration of these ideas in his Afrika Sofa Collection highlights… Read More

Postulating on the future of the Earth and the possibility of the eventual dissolution of towns and cities has long been an inclination of science fiction writers and creators. The suspicion that the Earth may one day carry on without us is a sneaking suspicion that Swedish artist Johanna Mårtensson explored to great effect back… Read More