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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Clothes shopping can sometimes be a bit like stepping into the shadows. The elements of curiosity and possibilities all add up to an experience that can be exhilarating with more than a hint of confusion.¬†With their basement design for east London based menswear retailer Hostem, British designers JamesPlumb have turned all of this into a… Read More

Attempting to conduct a pleasurable dinner can at times seem like something of a circus ringmaster’s task. The organising and management involved can test the best of us! Which is why many of us can readily appreciate the inspiration at the heart of these wonderfully dynamic table designs. German designers Formfjord have taken the circus… Read More

A key component of successful family living is space – getting under each other’s feet is never a recipe for peaceable relations. With that kept securely in mind, how would 3,800 square feet of high quality living accommodation sound? That’s the amazing amount of space on offer in the Walloon Lake House, located on the… Read More