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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Art is not produced in a vacuum. Despite some artist’s attempts to close themselves off in their own web of creativity, memories and inspirations from the outside world will always surround even the wildest of ideas. The forms and shapes found in nature in particular always have a bearing on an artistic output. Taking this… Read More

There are many of us who think that we’re genuine artists in the kitchen. Concocting new delights to impress friends and family can quickly become something of an obsession! Experimenting with new flavours and textures usually takes place in a recognisable kitchen framework, however. This creation from Bulgarian twins Desislava and Branimira Ivanova of Gemelli Design Studio… Read More

What’s the best material to use when designing the best in practical and well designed seating? That’s the question asked by Italian designer Andrea Borgogni with his Maybe Chair. Wood, aluminium or both? Well, as the name suggests, it is all a big maybe… Acting as a hybrid of the two materials, the chair represents the perfect combination… Read More