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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Bringing something of the dedication and precision of the geometry class out of the school and into the bar, is German artist Tobias Rehberger. With this temporary exhibition in a New York hotel bar, he has replicated his favourite watering hole, the Frankfurt Bar Oppenheimer. Using bold geometric stripes, Rehburger has employed something of the dazzle camouflage tactics used… Read More

There are many vegetarians who will sing the praises of tofu all day long. The soft soy-bean curd has inspired plenty of creative recipes and cooking ideas but, it would be fair to say, not many designs for furniture. However, that is exactly what designer Leonardo Talarico has come up with the tofu chair. Made… Read More

Maps can hold an endless fascination for those of us who have a love of geography and travel. The wonder of examining different lands and decoding the measurements and symbols present in geometry and symbology is a joy that doesn’t ever really diminish for cartophiles across the globe. They should therefore find plenty to celebrate in these… Read More