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Monthly Archives: May 2013

It’s pretty safe to say that it’s not most people’s idea of fun to stay overnight in a prison. However, a quick look at the Het Arresthuis hotel in Roermond, Holland might just change their minds! Well, ok it is a former prison, but something of the old uniform and austerity remains. The prison closed… Read More

Whether working at a home office or in a company building, it should be the aim of every worker to have an organised desk. The ability to know where everything is at any given moment is essential and calls for some motivated planning. Thankfully products are available to help with this. A new line of… Read More

As a modern symbol of the German capital, they don’t get much more recognisable than the Berlin TV tower. The Berliner Fernsehturm stands proudly in the centre of the city, seemingly drawing all attention to its core. What is perhaps less well known is that there is a modern fusion restaurant located very near its… Read More