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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The idea of bringing staff and customers together to relax and enjoy quality sustenance and refreshment in the same space is a relatively new idea. It certainly may not appeal to every business, but the Tokyo based lifestyle and fashion brand and shop Arts & Science seems to be making a good effort in creating a stimulating environment for such activity. The… Read More

It can be an intensely comforting thought to know that in some small way you are contributing to the sensible and ecological use of the world’s natural resources. It is also intensely comforting to sit down in a well made seat!  Both forms are distinctly possible with these smart new chair designs from UK company… Read More

This year’s winter seemed to go on forever for many of us. Large parts of Europe were under siege from a frosty onslaught of snow, ice and bitter winds. Even into April it still seems to be going on! So in view of all of this it may be useful to obtain something of a… Read More