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Monthly Archives: April 2013

There is something endlessly fascinating and mysterious about the spiral staircase. Hinting at adventures and undiscovered knowledge, the construction is a link between two separate floors and acts as a gateway of thoughts. This design by American studio Matter Design is a wonderful example of this in action. Above and top: photographs by Brandon Clifford Named Helix. the design has been constructed… Read More

The agriculture and countryside of South East England has often inspired all kinds of creative exploits. In terms of architecture, the place is ideally suited for bright and imaginative ideas making the most of the often beautiful home counties spaces. This is certainly the case in Mole Architects design for this extension to a protected farmhouse located in the… Read More

Most of us would like our furniture seats and chairs to be easy to rest and relax in. That however may not be the express aim of Hungarian designers and developers Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop. Their ‘Waste-Less’ Chair is a highly individual take on ecological furniture production. Using timber offcuts recovered from construction work, the developers have… Read More