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Monthly Archives: April 2013

As well as being home to incredible sunshine and breathtaking beach-side scenery, Miami, Florida is also the centre of an art and design scene that is frequently pushing boundaries progressively forward. The glamorous concepts of Miami architecture and design are often the result of Latin-American and Cuban influences meeting North American and European ideas of style and class. With British… Read More

Giving an impression of vibrancy and life renewal is hugely important in all kinds of designer activities. That combination of the human brain and the natural world is not always an easy one to achieve, but if the inspiration and the effort can respond, the rewards are often impressive. This is certainly the case with Veronika Szalai‘s… Read More

As anyone who has ever moved home will know very well, the deconstruction and reconstruction of furniture items is not always the simplest of tasks. Often we’re left wishing for a design with a bit more portability. Thankfully, the Swedish designers Kristian Andréason and Kristin Leibel have come up with something that might just do… Read More