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Monthly Archives: March 2013

As children most of were probably told to keep toys and sporting equipment out of the kitchen, but in this design the ball is definitely in the court! A kitchen scale simply called ‘ball’ has been designed in a bright and simple way by Radomir Shterev. To begin using the scales all you have to… Read More

As well as its beautiful weather and tremendous cultural life, Barcelona is home to a thriving design and architectural scene. Forward thinking movement Maio are certainly well aware of this, leading them to set up camp in this former launderette space in the city. Anna Puigjaner and Guillermo Lopez from the team designed the space… Read More

Bringing an air of the fun and finery of the flamenco dance to the art and design world, Japanese artist Harumi Nakashima‘s Polka-dot inspired ceramic sculptures immediately provoke memories of surrealism and dreams of future landscapes.  Making a break from the traditional folk arts and crafts that have dominated the Japanese artistic landscape for so many… Read More