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Monthly Archives: March 2013

April is nearly here and that might well mean a fresh onslaught of unpopular weather – in this case, rain rather than the cold. It makes sense, then, to equip oneself with an umbrella. But what kind? Well, Portuguese design label Pelcor have a great stylish model made from recycled cork. Tough cork found all… Read More

Even in today’s digital world of iPads, tablets and laptops, there is still very much a place for books. And that place for most of us is in a bookcase. Reinier de Jong certainly thinks so. His remarkable design for an extending bookcase- the REK- has just gone into production. The bookcase makes use of… Read More

Art Nouveau Angelic Picture Frames The wonderful Sheffield company Carrs Silver have a great respect for their home and local history. The South Yorkshire city has been the UK home of silver for well over 200 years and it has been a centre for¬†cutlery¬†production since the middle ages. Into this environment, in 1976 the self… Read More