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Monthly Archives: January 2013

To fully appreciate the glory days of television you don’t always have to actually , you know, watch it. Take this wonderful design for post it note holders from design partnership Amidov. The cute holder safely stores your important reminders and messages in a 50’s style television frame. Available in three different colours, it is currently available… Read More

Stone is a classic material for all sorts of designs and uses. Having stood the test of time for millennia,  its suitability for a multitude of purposes is unquestioned. With the hard wearing and malleable aspects attributed to it, it is a great choice for the most creative of designers. This certainly applies to Copenhagen-based designers Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi,… Read More

Cycling is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy. As an inexpensive, fun and reasonably accessible route to well being it has few equals. One problem, however, particularly in large cities, can be just where to safely store your bike. More and more cyclists take to binging their bicycle indoors to guard against theft. This brings all sorts of… Read More