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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Sticking to a diet in order to lose weight or just to remain fit and healthy isn’t always easy. It can be a very simple thing to let temptation take over and to overload on snacks and chocolate But what if your own cutlery was on hand to help you out?  That’s the idea behind the Hapifork, an electronic… Read More

Imagine, just for a moment, that you are preparing and cooking a dinner on a spaceship. Dicing vegetables and mixing sauces in interstellar space must be quite an experience, but just what would the kitchen look like? Chances are, something like this… Designed by Karim Rachid for Aran Cucine, this amazing concept features the sleek  and smooth properties… Read More

Imagine being able to pack up your things, pick a destination and drive off for a relaxing and replenishing holiday housed in style and comfort. In the past, this would probably mean a caravan holiday – not the kind of trip that immediately  calls glamour and style to mind. The Drop from Barcelona designers In-Tenta is a… Read More