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Monthly Archives: December 2012

They say that ostriches bury their heads in the sand, but with this fantastic design from Kawamura Ganjavian, you can rest your top section in a pillow instead! The stylishly produced protective cushion from the Spain and Switzerland based design company creates the ideal conditions for replenishing energy levels, wherever you are. The pillow’s padded sides… Read More

Many people want to show off their art possessions in the home, but often the storage plays second fiddle to the collection itself. This certainly is not the case with Ka-Lai Chan’s incredible work the gradient cabinet. A mesmerizing piece, the design is based around polyester- latex winding its way around the metal frame, becoming… Read More

Making your way in the wide world as a young and fresh faced student is never easy, and worries about accommodation can easily top the list of concerns. Faced with years of debt and living off budget food items is not a promising prospect, but the load, in Sweden at least, might have just got slightly lighter…… Read More