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Monthly Archives: December 2012

It has to be said that not everyone in the world is convinced by the advantages of smartphone technology. Sure, they can allow you to check your emails faster and more conveniently and countless other applications, but for day to day living, do they really offer lasting benefits? Many people think so, and one project… Read More

For many people, wood is a far smarter and more cost effective way of flooring interior rooms than carpets and rugs. Add the fact that it is a remarkably stylish flooring method and the savvy designer is onto a sure fire winner. The Danish artist Pernille Snedker Hansen certainly thinks so. She has taken this… Read More

With the first of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy hitting cinemas this week, the film loving public can expect plenty of exotic sights to be beamed around the┬ápopular┬áconciousness in the days and weeks to come. While dwarves, halflings, elves and dragons are exciting enough, the true star of the films will undoubtedly be the epic… Read More