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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Is the glass empty or is it full? A fairly simplistic psychological analytical question and one that probably would not be asked upon being confronted with artist Bill Pechet’s incredible sculpture project Emptyful. Why not? Well, the Winnipeg plaza housed work is just so breathtaking that questions may well seem unnecessary… A collaboration with Chris… Read More

As big fans of monochrome, it’s always a pleasure to come across an interior that uses the full capabilities of black and white – or to transpose and use the Italian, Bianco e nero. The Osaka, Japan based boutique using that evocative  name certainly puts across a powerful stylistic statement of intent. Clothing and items are displayed… Read More

Well it’s Christmas time again and for many of us this can signal a profound desire to travel! It can be for all sorts of reasons – the Xmas TV programmes, the visits from aunts and uncles you haven’t seen all year or simply the passing of another Winter. In any case, thoughts easily turn… Read More