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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Bamboo is such a useful and versatile plant with hundreds of uses – from culinary, medical and architectural applications to many others, it is an ideal material for so many different ideas. In Western homes and buildings it is usually contained to flooring and room dividers but it is in the East where it truly makes its presence felt…. Read More

The problem of litter and the pressing need of recycling waste plastic bottles is a major concern for all of us right now. More and more creative ways of looking at recycling are called for if the world is going to get on top of the situation. An incredibly inventive project that brings these subjects sharply into… Read More

Cycling is a great and environmentally friendly way to explore a city in convenience. It is quick, cheap and is remarkably good for you. Unfortunately, with more cars on the road than ever it is not always the safest option (although properly regulated cycling lanes can help a lot with this). Cycling at night can be a… Read More