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Monthly Archives: October 2012

There are times in everyone’s life when all that can be done is to just sit and wait. But what if there is nowhere to sit? A busy railway station, an airport full of holiday makers, the hospital waiting room … all can be torturous if there is no free seating. This ingenious invention from… Read More

‘Legendary’ is an oft overused adjective for performers and creatives of all kinds, but it seems particularly prevalent in the acting world. The reality is that not many actors have the star power to reach out across the generations, starring in timeless films and becoming an iconic presence in the cultural consciousness in the process. Steve McQueen –… Read More

The creative combination of Budapest based designers Zsanett Benedek and Daniel Lakos have come up with a stunning piece of heavenly furniture design entitled the Alba collection. Working as Tervhivatal studio, the pair have succeeded in their aim of finding a perfect balance between larger and smaller working areas. Originally conceived in beech wood, the… Read More