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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Many of us as children no doubt folded up packaging, paper napkins and exercise book pages and attempted to conquer the classroom with paper aeroplanes. The art of origami is basically that desire multiplied by thousands, with an artistic creativity and control that many aspire to but few can achieve. Jun Mitani – a computer science professor at… Read More

When thinking of classic New York style, one can’t help but call to mind the delights of the deli. Bringing a taste of the Big Apple to the exciting Berlin cafe and restaurant scene is Mogg and Melzer. Pastrami on rye bread, grilled sandwiches, salad and daily specials are all served up alongside the most important ingredient… Read More

The world of computers and IT technology rules the world these days. Whether we choose to appreciate the labour saving devices and the communicative power of modern computing power or to be wary of their influence, it is an unquestioned fact that they are here and here to stay! The artist Babis Panagiotidis taps into some… Read More