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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Korean street food is quite rightly respected and enjoyed for its variety, quality and  taste. Inspired by the local vendors and food stalls of the South Korean capital, comes this Seoul based restaurant by Lim Tae Hee Design Studio. Featuring sheets of tarpaulin covering condiments and pots, the venue is a bright and colourful taste of local… Read More

When it comes to electronic products, covering them in pastry and sticking them in the oven might not be the first thing that springs to mind. That is however, more or less, what the Israeli designer Nitsan Debbi has done with this unique collection of baked electronic gadgets! In order to create these unique products,… Read More

These gorgeous lamps from Norwegian designer Kristine Five Melvær are a wonderful celebration of blooming flowers and organic beauty. Made up of canvas covers dyed in a range of different colours and supported by a sturdy, steel frame, the Bloom Lamps perfectly capture the magic and mystery of the natural world. With a look reminiscent of raindrops,… Read More